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Feel Your

Power Again


“If it isn't simple, it simply will not be.”

The Maja workshop is an intensive and fully experiential workshop. Through a series of short exercises you will consciously communicate with your heart. You will start remembering what you already know. It is simple, it is powerful, it is beautiful.

Your heart communicates with you through images and feelings. You just need to see and listen. Through short meditations you will go deep into your very essence. Your heart will show you the real truth, your deepest desires, your own unique gift, which you brought into this life.

Through the images of your heart you will see your past, present and future, all in the same moment. You will experience reality in which time doesn't exist. The world of images of the heart is the real world.

By opening conscious communication with your heart - with yourself - you will start changing your reality and create the world you want.

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