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Feel Your

Power Again

Awaking The Illuminated Heart®

“It is the heart that contains the original instructions of Life, and when the heart is again in control of a person's life, Life responds with joy and power.”

- Drunvalo Melchizedek -

The Awakening The Illuminated Heart® workshop is a life changing 4 day intensive workshop. It is completely experiential. This is the simplest, easiest, and most direct teaching on the ancient secret knowledge of the heart translated in modern language, modern understanding, concepts and ideas.

Drunvalo Melchizedek introduces the ATIH workshop

Course Overview

• Remembering and understanding the Creation Process

• The difference between creating from the heart and creating from the brain

• The Blue School of Imagery® meditations

• The Healing Circle – healing of the heart

• The Unity Breath Meditation

• The Blessing Dance Meditation

• Connecting to the Higher Self

• Connecting the heart back to the brain

• Entering the tiny space of the heart

• Creating from the tiny space of the heart

• Activating the beams of light

• Opening the third eye

• Activating and programing the Mer-Ka-Ba

Recommended Readings

The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life volumes 1 and 2
Living in the Heart

Reading Drunvalo's books before the workshop will help greatly your mind to understand, but truly the only thing you really need is your heart.

To learn more about the Awakening The Illuminated Heart® workshop and the School of Remembering® go to the School of Remembering® site.

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